Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Electrical Testing

Our W.A.F engineers have extensive field experience, expertise and certified competence backed by up-to-date qualifications and DBS Certificates to ensure we meet our clients every need in compliance with all regulations and Health & Safety legislation.†

What is a Electrical installation condition report (EICR)?†

A. Electrical installation condition report (EICR) is a formal method of recording the findings of an electrical installations overall condition and how well it meets current regulations.†

The main purpose of an EICR is to report on the safety condition of an existing installation. It should describe the overall condition as either 'satisfactory', in which case no immediate remedial work is required, or 'unsatisfactory' which means remedial work is required to make the installation safe to use, or to make it comply with current regulations (17th edition)

Where an EICR describes the installation as 'unsatisfactory', the next thing to look at is 'Observations and Recommendationsí. This is where any parts of the installation that are either unsafe, require work or are not up to current regulations are noted along with the code to indicate the urgency of the action needed. These codes are ranged from 1- 3 with 1 being the most serious. The code FI (further investigation) would be used where an accurate code could not be attained without further investigation being undertaken.†

Here at W.A.F, we specialise in all forms of electrical Inspection and Testing in commercial & industrial premises as well as domestic properties. We provide our clients with independent and impartial reports on the status and condition of all electrical installations, along with recommendations for remedial works, and if required a free quotation. We inspect, test and analyse all aspects of an electrical installation for critical compliance with BS7671 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations.